Victim-To-Victim Retreats

 This section of the Web site is devoted to a major initiative of H-E-A-R-T. Several years ago Debbie Smith was led to plan and offer retreats for victims of sexual assault to encourage them on their path to healing and to speak out about their experiences, ultimately to help other victims. A steering committee was selected to meet on a monthly basis, which they did for a period of three years, to develop the retreat guidelines and teaching curriculum. The core teaching was refined, adding activities and games to enhance each segment of the curriculum. Participants in the retreat must have the recommendation of their counselor and for each three team members (victims), there is a coach to work more closely with them daily to process the teaching, process journal writing activities, and to follow up with them on a regular basis after the initial phase of the retreat. The team members arrive on Wednesday and stay together through Sunday afternoon. This is Phase One of the V-2-V Retreat.

Phase Two is planned five to six months later and is a one-day session where team members bring a significant other (safety) for training to enable them to be the best support to walk with the victim through her healing process.

Phase Three is the final formal time together and is a one-day reflection and challenge session.

There have been two retreats, the first in Kilmarnock and the second in Sandbridge. A third retreat is scheduled for November 2013 with plans to expand to two retreats per year in 2014.

Visit this page for testimonials of participants. Tori Lane, a participant in the first retreat, has graciously consented to having her "Speaking Out" as shared through The Fusion Project to be linked to this Web site. Read Tori's beautiful insightful writings at Other retreat participants volunteer to help with golf tournaments, fund raising, Web site development, and future retreats, anxious to pay it forward to help other women who are victims of sexual assault.

Amazing things happen as women journey along their pathway to healing, equipped with solid teaching, encouragement and a support group of team members and coaches!

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